25th May 2021

The idea that rampant nationalism is in any way an attractive goal is fundamentally flawed. Sub division by definition causes divisiveness, any   carving of the earths rich bounty is bound to produce unfair and unnatural imbalance. Federalism has proved itself to be the only efficient way to administer cumulative wealth, yet still to this day we see the ancient banner of divide and oppress waved by many a segment of any community. Capitalism in itself is a most unreasonable manner of conducting a monetary system, the use of working class to manufacture or produce product for the profit of a managing or ruling class is the very definition of usury, but one step down from an outright feudalistic or monarchial regime.

People are inclined to be sentimental, wishing for the old days, when times were good, better organized, citizens was all free, with gold in their pockets for luxuries. Yet wishing for any ‘South to rise again’ ignores the human tragedy such a proposition entails. Backwards is never better, under even the most auspicious of circumstances.

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