22nd May 2021

I enjoy violently inclement weather, strange and unusual climatic happenstances, circumstances that might send others to hide shivering beneath heaps of blankets. Not that I am averse to pillow forts, I find that experience wholly soothing, relaxing, producing desires for hibernation only quenchable by deep and elongated slumber.

My rest last might was disturbed by a sudden and unexpected hailstorm, of such violence that the roof above my head resounded with the cacophony a hundred machine guns firing in unison. I lay listening for what seemed an age, and then fully awakened meandered in my birthday suit to the side door to take a peek. Opening the door was an exhilarating experience, my skin being suddenly chilled quite dramatically, producing all-embracing goose bumps, not unlike that feeling staring into an open refrigerator produces.

Sure enough the door step and surrounding gravel were peppered with tiny ice particles, dissolving almost immediately, like heavenly sugar cubes, into the accompanying fallen precipitation.  The nearby thermometer unnaturally showed little appreciation for this mystifying meteorological event, reading firmly at a seasonal early morning average of mid forty degrees Fahrenheit. Momentarily I was totally flummoxed, as only the most incredulous climatic occurrences can promote, reminded once again that humanity is but the audience for powers so beyond our ken as to necessitate the perhaps grudging acceptance of much higher cosmic authority.

My last experience of a hailstorm was no less awe inspiring, but in completely different circumstances. In that instance I was out of doors, in the early afternoon, rambling around Cascade lake as I am oft inclined. A clap of thunder and the heavens opened, but no rain, just hailstones so violently speedy as to rebound upwards perhaps twelve inches as they made contact with the pathway beneath my feet. That storm I recall was followed by bright sunlight piercing the clouds, last nights was accompanied by a quarter moon.

I take my joys whence I can, constantly grateful to be mystified and awed by such base yet unnatural magical circumstances.

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