20th May 2021

Every day should in some way, large or small, be an adventure, an opportunity to experience, taste, admire, marvel, at the universe and all its multitudinous wonders. We are all surrounded on all sides by majesty, magnificence, museum worthy exhibits placed haphazardly by pure chance for our delectation.  

The way blossom moves under the lightest influence of a breeze, exposing the beauty of the florets for our fascination and unrestricted pleasure. A solitary walk in an orchard providing ample enough sights to feed the soul if the stroller has the sensibility to glance about as they proceed. So many wonders exposed by the basic exercise of mind and body, facilitated by simply moving from one aspect to another, to indulge eyes, ears, and nose with endless novel delights.

Take a moment to admire the sky, supremely clear, or pleasantly clouded. Feel mother Earth beneath your feet, marvel at her seamless rotation that miraculously troubles you not a jot. Tiny, overlooked blessings, that ensure every second is unique unto itself.

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