19th May 2021

If you wish to comprehend the seeming endless foundation of ignorance look with absolute honesty intent towards the extent of apathy continuously growing in the realm of humanity. Stupidity is an ocean set to drown those proclaiming intelligence and empathy, crashing waves sweeping such conceit effortlessly from the shore of comfortability, where those infected are inclined to gather enwrapped in their hubris to stare unblinkingly into the oncoming jaws of oblivion.

Those in authority have ever found it practical to enslave the intellectually astute in their service, thereby ensuring control over any form of discussion or attempted education, bolstering the preferred agenda through convincing persuasion and positive acceptable influencers. Despots have ever needed their tame genius, as example, raison d’etre, for their eons outstanding originalism.

Every age is the new age, the time for abundant flowering, yet those same blooms wither away alarming speed and consistency.

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