16th May 2021

I am not generally excited by action movies, I find them predictable, even repetitious, much the same for the horror genre. What a pleasant surprise to be confronted with a crossover production that both entertains, poses some interesting questions, and fills the screen, whatever size, with a barrage of frenetic and imaginative activity.

Our world having just successfully emerged from a genuine pandemic how appropriate that a story about that most feared of plagues, an uncontrolled infestation of zombies, should hit our screens, large and small. Produced by a well-rounded team of professionals, versed in the construction of three-pronged action, comedy, and fright presentations, the script pleases from the first to the final shot of this episode, no doubt sequels are imagined and already rolling.

Having been raised upon the voodoo variety of zombie, a phenomenon terrifying and probably real, I ever found more recent mass incarnations watery by comparison. Here however, I find an origin monstrously believable, chilling and persuasive.

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