15th May 2021

I am an absolute glutton for some technology, but it needs to measure up to very specific requirements. Firstly it must be useful and say labor saving, something that existing without would be decidedly inconvenient if not presently unimaginable. Secondly any mechanism must on the whole be pleasing, both in appearance and in function, the world has far too many ugly or inefficient objects without humankind inventing further inefficiencies to be cast upon the global dumpsite momentarily.

There are of course certain exceptions to the ‘usefulness’ rule, notably anything artistic, theatrical, or literary. Such conceptual matters have no need to be practical, serviceable, indeed their very impractical or unlikely nature can serve as an excellent examples of the occasional educational value of absurdity.

The third unquestionable requirement for technology is tactility, sensuality, dexterous interactivity. What point keeping opposable thumbs if they serve no use beyond gripping branches on  the way down the primal tree.

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