13th May 2021

Is it possible or ever likely for an instigator to present themselves as a victim? Does the seeming recipient of what might be considered anti-social behavior ever manipulate circumstances to result in such a situation manifesting? The answer to such seeming contrary and unsavory questions must delve into the deep-seated psychological needs of the perpetrator, malefactor, and whether the effects manufactured service their needs and desires.

The contrivance of any outcome through the careful and cunning exploitation of others is a surprisingly common circumstances in any advanced society, where individuals are inclined, or feel obliged, to react with support, solace, and fortification towards the perceived sufferer, without a particular careful diagnosis, back check, into the background or mitigating   happenstances.

The Aesop idiom about crying wolf has lost its pertinence, due to the circumstances having passed relevance. There are very few wolves and per se no legitimate claimants.

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