12th May 2021

Today marked a further celebratory day upon the calendar, based largely, indeed probably solely, upon early Roman Catholic iconography. I find this relationship not the slightest disturbing, all periodic events have definable origins, whether that remembrance is real of illusory is of no particular import.

Humankind once interpreted the passing of time purely through cosmological connections, measuring periods by phases of sun, moon, or planets, paid more intellectual attention to the heavens than to the earth beneath their feet. This fascination with ephemeris had no more relevant significance than do the liturgical listing of festivals and feast days, indeed both simply allow for a correlation between events and consequences, maybe positive or negative.

Celestial interpretation donated astrology to our species, a supposed mystical alignment between an individual and the exact date, time, and location of their birth. Liturgy allows similar predictivity, but by rote rather than by abstract chance. Both satisfy the human need for purpose, direction, hope.

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