11th May 2021

Bad behavior in children is passably acceptable, assuming that lessons are learned, apologies given and accepted, and suitable adjustments made for future reference, the principle that good education and example improve conduct being wholly justifiable. Unfortunately, poor deportment in adults is rarely correctable, the bad seed already having been sown and fostered to fruition. Correction is a matter of some difficulty, repetition a far more likely scenario, hence the large number of multiple offenders.  

Society has become quite adapt at the correction of practices bordering on the criminal, creating a whole network of administrative tools to deal with the problem, security forces, courts, prisons, even in extreme cases the possibility of state administered execution. Non-criminal exploits are far less easily resolved, having little recourse through official channels, relying more on the advisory guidance, interference, of peers and family.

Criminality is quite possibly at its lowest level in recorded history, but societal insurrection has in direct opposition reached quite staggering levels. A down side of increasing personal freedom is the ability to be an extremely nonconformist, such practices strain societies foundations, causing eruptions of division and animosity in the belly of the beast that is community. Philosophers and artists do not covet a race of lemmings, but politicians and social scientists most certainly do, for absolute control, predictability, increases productivity, malleability, the efficiency of the unit, keeping the troops in step as they march towards the new horizon envisioned for them.

A world without differences would be so much easier, no need for left-handed scissors, special arrangements for the non-conforming, an ideal laboratory production system turning out identical petri dish propagated souls ad Infinium. No complaints, variables, social disorders, divorces, unmarried pregnancies, unemployment, homelessness, a complete dismissal of all the ills of modern society in one scientific sweep of the fascistic scalpel.

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