10th May 2021

Small and commonplace pleasures become important accomplishments when minutes, days, and weeks merge into a constant repetitious blur. Time, organization, and habit have the effect of tranquilizing the senses against such minor joys, the palate losing its appreciation for indistinct flavors difficult to fully appreciate. As with unsalted or unsweetened consumables blandness can soon accomplish an outright and irreparable oppression of the taste buds.

Gratification is an unfaithful spouse, inclined to become a dilettante in their momentary desires, changing preferences midcourse, perhaps even before settling upon a primary focus, variable as the degree of salivation caused by identical relish on similar but separate occasions. Attraction can ever be equally vague, transitory, the beauty of terror can being strangely as intense as that of extasy.

If there is a lesson to be taken it is to graze endlessly, consider everything, refuse nothing outright, for today’s bane can easily become tomorrow’s irrefusable delicacy.

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