7th May 2021

I cannot be doing with human imaginings of resurrection; such matters smack a little too squarely of infamy and rather unnecessarily belittle some individuals comparative concept of divinity. Reinvention is a quite sufficient form of human metamorphosis to fulfill any need for reimagining or redemption, seeking some closer parity to restoration is neither practical or convincing, but reflecting blatant theater at its very outlandish and vulgar.

Impassioned semi-believing playacting most certainly has its purpose, sine the first two adults playfully tussled together in the flickering light surrounding a familial camp fire, a pictorial nowadays spectacularly presented in the form of professional wrestling, representations of illusory conflict, the personas of heroes and villains, have captured, amused, and harmlessly aroused the hearts, emotions, and minds of the populus. Cockfights, bear baiting, even true gladiatorial combats somewhat fitted the bill temporarily, but somehow the patently obvious false image of farce, clear deception, cunningly orchestrated pantomime far better feeds the collective hunger for visual amusement and readable trickery. Tomfoolery is often far more acceptable as a method of casual education than the kindest and most caring of oratory, the latter smacking of condescension and hieratical stipulation. We enjoy being controlled, directed, being cajoled to do the man’s bidding but with a degree of subtlety that makes the instruction seem intuitive.

The true theatrical transformation scene, as witnessed in the nineteenth century through the seemingly improbable magic of multi stage mechanisms, was a thing of mystery, wonder, a vision beyond disbelief, yet unquestioningly manufactured, performed, false, requiring a degree of gullibility that can only erupt in the willing mind. The same applies to the transformation of bread and wine into blood and flesh in the Eucharist, a celebratory expression of the divine resurrection. Medical science can never bring the reality of resurrection closer; corruption will remain inanimate. Advancing skill will rather simply facilitate the viability of superlative life extension.

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