6th May 2021

There is a point beyond which purposeful chicanery becomes intolerable. Willful deceitfulness is acceptable under human ethical standards for many a reason, self-protection being the most obvious, no one should condemn a lie, a falsehood, when the sole purpose is continued existence, or purposefulness, preservation being a fixed prime directive in the human psyche. Unnecessary mendacity for gain, whether financial, social, emotional, or hieratical, is entirely indefensible, and holds the perpetrator up for evisceration, dissection, disgrace, and contempt from all unfortunate and innocent casualties of such heinous fault.

It is important to differentiate betwixt the Baron von Munchhausen school of invention, tall stories, unlikely tales, wholly impossible anecdotes, and those diabolically inclined, told for improper purposes beyond amusement and the collection of awe. The devilish narrative is but additional grease upon the already trepidus slope to hades, a fatal descent undeserved and without benefit to any but the already preening fabricator.

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