5th May 2021

I enjoyed a most entertaining conversation yesterday about the side effects of medical treatments, how they more than not seem to affect the young more insidiously   the elderly. After the interaction was completed the subject continued to rattle around my brain for some time, looking for rhyme or reason for the truth of it, when suddenly a thought occurred to me that made perfect sense of disparity.

The one symptom that younger folks find uncannily disturbing but elder individuals simply accept as de rigour is of course the feeling of aging, for we olders do such involuntarily, invariably, in manageable daily increments, a little extra on a specific occasion is unlikely to make an overwhelming impression.  The young fear growing old more than the bowels of hell itself, something to be avoided for as long as practical, not even to be considered as possibility in the foreseeable future.

The elderly are inclined to find the past more disturbing than the future, missteps being much harder to accept than inevitability.

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