4th May 2021

Detail is incredibly important, the difference between an approximation and a refined understanding. Those small imponderables, that in reality are hidden minutiae, explain what at first slight seems vague and illusory in living three-dimensional color. Maps are a simple but exact example how but a small addition of information can take unintelligible blankness to an somewhat excellent representation of what the reality of an as yet unseen panorama might be.

My fascination with exactitude started with simple second glances, a duplicate and enhancing take on what was immediately, yet indeterminately, implanted upon my mind’s eye. Ancillary information always improves perspective, adding dimensions that whilst possibly imaginative append shading, interpretation, relationships, and purpose.

I ever apologize profusely for staring abstractly too long, but that is my most basic educational assist, a lens pointedly focused upon a subject that captures and fires my interest and imagination. No insult intended, rather a great and profound compliment.

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