2nd May 2021

Whilst life in general is totally awe inspiring, in panoramas, possibilities, happenstances, it may on occasion retreat to the banal, repetitive, underwhelming, a curate’s egg if you will of inclusivity. Each and every day I awake with a sense of expectation, perhaps wit a plan of action, even a sense of laisse faire, knowing that all circumstances and moments will have distinct purpose of their own. No opportunity for wastage, humble billeting, quiet and profound lackadaisicalness, a well-deserved hitch along the bumpy trail to conclusiveness.

Why this unreconcilable distain for disinterest, listlessness, lack of immediate and undiluted interest, the answer being but the very bane of humankinds seeming joyfully unperturbed existence. A genetic contemptuousness for leaving well alone, against avoiding the minuscule errata of nothing particular at all, delving into matters wholly beyond our ken or pay grade.

 Betwixt gods and nature is a clearly defined balance, humanity is definitely not the fulcrum.

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