30th April 2021

Does a significant number of the national population express or hold, publicly or privately, view than run in stark contradiction to those moral and ethical ideals that best represent humanity? The answer to that conundrum is one that only the citizens themselves can answer in full and unabashed honesty, as personal thoughts and conjectures are held in secret dark places inaccessible to any another.

For myself I must confess to being guilty as charged, my mind, my imagination, can be most inhospitable, non-inclusive, arbitrarily judgmental, all admittances that both shame me and free me from that other most distressing of human traits, undeserved piety and self-aggrandizement. The saintly are invariably good, humanity is not by nature irreproachable, they suffer the sins and weaknesses that time and experience has engraved upon their soul.

Having unfortunate or irreverent thoughts is not condemning, an inability the face those demons is far more damning, pointing to an irrational belief in presupposed superiority.

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