29th April 2021

Some flavors complement each other quite perfectly, as if divinely directed to be enjoyed in unison. Others meld together to create sumptuousness, but from a distance, in abstraction, seem anything but ideally suited. Sweet and soar are direct opposites, but together can be extremely mouthwatering, refreshing, surprisingly thirst and hunger quenching. Salt and sugar share the same peculiar alignment, separately promoting extreme salivation, and jointly bringing unimaginable delectation.

Salted caramel, sweet chutney, spiced chocolate, are but three piquant exemplars, without even considering such surprisingly moreish concoctions as stout and champagne, seafood and melon, poultry with fruit compote, maple syrup with bacon.

The vagary of the human palate is a constant wonder, that one person’s meat is but another’s poison, a delicious yogurt to Paul is a nasty curdling mess to Pierre. The only commonality is that its seems everyone has the taste for long pork, but that is a problem for a psychiatrist or three to analyze.

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