28th April 2021

It is vital to be able to break bad habits, to stop those repetitious activities that serve no positive purpose but rather simply make matters and situations worse.  Any addiction necessarily comes into this category, a need that in its desirousness drives a human to despair of any form of self-control and independence of nature.

Dependence, compulsion, fixation come in many forms, some emotional, others physical, and a few that cunningly walk the tightrope managing to enslave both mind and body simultaneously. The obvious culprits are alcohol, nicotine, any number of natural any manufactured chemicals, recreational mood enhancers, pain reducers, stimulants, antidepressants, all designed with but one intent, to improve the lot of humankind easily and through little personal effort.  

The desire to seek happiness, joy, elation, to avert pain, sadness, boredom, dissatisfaction, is wholly understandable, to wish to do so at a whim equally predictable. We are not a patient species, what we desire we want with immediacy, on call, ever available, a need for an ever-ready department store of immediate fixes for all ailments, all problems physical and emotional, effortless momentary satisfaction. Natural law dictates that for all action there are consequences, homo sapiens in search of extasy is not a forward thinker and is more often than not seduced by the promise of pleasure, without consideration for the ultimate cost that must inevitably be levied.

I am no paragon, no apotheosis for the better way, my addictions have been varied, uncontrolled, indefatigable. If I have a saving grace, it is that I wear my addictions openly, admit to their voracity, the utter floundering of any pretense I might make of defensive posturing. Weakness in the face of temptation has ever been my standard, the flag I march behind without apology or embarrassment. Given a choice of crossroads my feet invariable choose the wrong path, the devils way, the road to perdition, an exact portend of the most incorrect and perilous strategy for a wholesome and in finality satisfactory existence. Thanks be for the blessing of redemption.

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