23rd April 2021

I am I hope inclusive, open to other opinions, inclined to believe, hope for, to allow for almost anything possible, remotely likely, fancifully imaginable. Mine own notions are somewhat speculative, border on the magical, illusory, perhaps not unusual in their foundations, but with by necessity awfully specific individual accommodations.

Like most what is set fast in my imagination is a hotchpotch of idiosyncrasies, drawn together to suit my particular perspective, without absolute reference to any other view. Quite possibly far-fetched, out there, beyond most pales, absolutely worthy of conspiratorial status, but bever the less heartfelt and the foundation of much of whom I am and what I look to accomplish by careful sowing and propagation.

Madness is arbitrary, one persons insanity is another’s sensible consideration, our understanding of nature, reality, the universe, is totally skewed personally, haphazard, inconsistent, peremptory, a wholly unsuitable norm for comparative judgements of others let alone oneself.

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