22nd April 2021

I do not dress suitably spring or summer very often, my clothes tend to be practical, non-seasonal, suitable for the harshness of our environment, weather and country proof, utilitarian. Today is an exception, I have a visitation planned that does not require traipsing, but rather practiced sociability, the begging and giving of a favor, greatly in my benefit I must add.  To celebrate the occasion I have adopted a rather Mediterranean look, linen trousers and jacket, Panama chapeau and lightweight deck shoes in a very vibrant Madras check. Naturally, I will adopt my usual antiglare goggles, spectacles that have seen me quite practically through a mountain pass, desert storm, endless sightseeing expeditions, and of course uncountable delicious café visitations.

Looking comfortably casual makes my soul feel pleasantly at ease, clothing indeed marking man rather than vice versa. ‘Tis a constant regret of mine that the populus, particularly of the male variety, is inclined to be rather blasé about appearance on every occasion, even the specially blessed ones.

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