21st April 2021

Expectation, waiting with bated breath for the outcome of a future unknown event has lost some of its excitement. The prevalence of repetitive happenstance, the predictability of societal pressures, the volume of restated ideology and the ease of repeated falsehood have erased the probability of surprise, producing instead consternation, discombobulation.

I always imagined that the rise of the individual from the mass would produce endless variance, singular thought, independence, a panoply of choice, from easy to hard, extreme to limited, obvious to complicated. My confusion that the opportunity to think independently produces myopia is therefore profound,, grievous, inclusivity so easily reduced to  divisiveness being wholly and tragically mortifying.

The banner of freedom heralded endless opportunity, unfettered latitude, the removal of constraint, impediment, handicap. Yet somehow enfranchisement became an ideal, and absolutes are confining, limiting, corralling, restricting.

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