20th April 2021

To understand whom you are you must fully comprehend whom you were, each and every step along the arduous pathway of existence that led to the final splendid flowering.

From base conception to arrival upon native soil, the trials and tests of forming season upon season, each and every moment adapting kneadable form into a new idiosyncratic variation of itself, similar, recognizable, consistent, but different, singular, exceptional, uniquely individual. A distinctly eccentric melody, a peerless refrain exclusively transcribed from the staves of life, thematic, melodic, choral, symphonic, yet solo, individual, a singular instrument in an amalgamated orchestra of all.

To be the soloist in a band is difficult, to be exceptional in an ensemble problematic, to be outstanding in a melee of other great players requires a degree of virtuosity beyond measure. Human nature demands each individual be the supremo in a whole menagerie of equals, a conundrum that exactly describes the spurious nature of the human condition.

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