19th April 2021

One of the constant surprises of my existence is being visually recognized by folks whom at first glance seem strangers but are in fact what you could more correctly call long distance acquaintances, those kind spirits who on occasion are inclined to wave to me from their motor vehicles as I wend my way slowly but steadily from my cottage to whatever panorama seems momentarily seductive. Thankfully, the recognition is not necessarily caused by my exotic British accent, eccentricity of dress and mannerism, but rather due to my ability to connect with a variety of individuals through the various scribblings I feel inclined to continue.

I admit to not appearing or acting the most social of individuals, I tend to speak infrequently, respond slowly and with care, mainly due to a sense of still considerable disconnect, even after a sojourn of several decades, with the ways of the Yankee. That my appearance has recently significantly lost some of its once absurd and wholly mysterious appeal is also a mitigating factor in the happy adoption of amplified standoffishness.

My upbringing whilst not horrendously strict did teach me the importance of never verbally expounding on matters to which I have no preferential knowledge. Writing however is a different kettle of fish, commenting in print on any subject is acceptable, with the obvious proviso that such espousing is highly personnel, probably conjectural, and ever with an accompanying pinch of salt.

Having set aside any further attempts at serial novel writing, although my numerous earlier works garnered both financial and critical support in defined areas of interest, I have set my cap at a far less profound literary goal, a daily personal blog, or perhaps more accurately a potpourri of inarticulate ramblings.

The freedom that producing but a few unconnected daily paragraphs allows is both relaxing and unfettering, whilst also requiring retaining and practicing the sharpness of faculties and personal discipline that continuing a reasonable level of existence demands.

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