15th April 2021

Deflection, the purposeful placing of a distracting scenario before a susceptible individual to help overcome if not avoid an unnecessary upheaval. Sounds complicated, but is in fact simplicity itself, so straightforward that each one of us uses the technique continuously as a means of overcoming our own inertia, unenthusiasm, torpor, hebetude, passivity.

The prisoners last supper, a tempting and luxurious event arranged for no other purpose than to fill the about to be departed with some degree of peaceability, affability, maneuverability, is a prime example. A base diversion, a physical and mental befuddlement that place the future center of attention in a situation deliberately obscuring, misrepresenting, a ruse, purposeful contriving.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of a particularly mournful or painful episode in life, many a individual would be inclined to commit to almost any ancillary circumstance that avoids a face to face confrontation with that memory. Such spiritual avoidance is a necessity, a coping mechanism, a way to bypass the unpleasant by focusing on alternate possibility. What in modern military or political parlance would be called a false flag, becomes a harmless diversion to escape the threatening oppressor, loitering specter.

In every possible situation humans are inclined to control their own reality, to superimpose the preferable over the less acceptable. To create an alternative environment when actuality is better avoided, shunned, disdained, neglected. This mechanism is not momentarily contrived, well planned, calculated with cold or manipulative intent, but simply an undirected or unintended armor against the harsh unpleasantries that avoidance will momentarily if not utterly deburr, blunt, dull.

We enter the realm of the dog pill well obscured in a tasty piece of steak, the small innocuous pinch that conceals the prick of an inoculating needle. Simple, but effective divertissements, disguising the true face of evil with a harmless harlequinesque masked interceding intruder.

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