9th April 2021

Children are the very essence of changeability, able to turn themselves upon a sixpence and become the individual the moment requires, however fleeting. For a child everything can alter, reconstitute in a second, their short lives and memories erased, expunged, turned to dream like imaginings in a solitary moment of time. Adults are more complicated.

People, grownups, have positions, situations, empowerment, have gained kudos, have made, and followed choices, actions taking them in directions that align with their wishes, considerations, hopes, desires and designs. Children have yet to ascend the precarious stepladder that is life. Adults have commenced climbing, accomplished a level they presently feel comfortable attaining, a position that can be defended, improved, even drawn back from as required.

Comes a time in maturity that protection becomes the most important function of all, keeping what has been won, gifted, earned, rightly or wrongly, ideas, influences are static, insoluble, the adaptability of the child, that flexibility to mold to ever changing scenarios dissipates, we become exactly in form and logic whom the years have manufactured, as if we are pig iron, rock like, impervious to further alteration. This staid adult persona is the basis and reasoning for most of the overwhelming compulsions that permeate society as a whole, even the most forward looking, liberal, free thinking of seniors are heavily outweighed and outvoted by a not so silent majority whose views sway towards the contemporary, the already accepted view, thought, comfort zone.

Where are the adolescent leaders, the young politicians, the free thinkers, those whose ideas of propriety have yet to become fixated or stagnant? They are connivingly oppressed, cunningly controlled, carefully educated, statically organized, despotically directed, trained unceasingly in the patterns, ways, ethics, principles, of their elders. Never gaining freedom from the oppressive yoke till they too have become as corrupted and shackled as their teachers. Revolution is the source of change. Naturally, insurrection is despised by the status quo.

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