6th April 2021

We are a generational race of people, as time passes knowledge increases and changes, our views are inclined to move quickly and unflinchingly from old ideas to newer ones, perhaps sometimes slower, dragging the less prepared unmercilessly forward, but still advancing steadily. Children are inclined to be unkind to their parents dated logic, the lifelong held beliefs that were the very foundation of lives long lived and enjoyed, indeed the very font of the youngsters now poking fun and ridiculing. Children rousting their parents is not a new phenomenon, indeed that piece of bad manners has existed for as long as humanity itself, ever inexcusable, unnecessary, easily avoided, but still laid as heavy mortar by the ever-forward-looking masons of the futures heavily readjusted foundation and panorama.

I have always found adaption, persuasion, preferable to destruction and enforced will. The gentle art of alteration a particularly pleasing form of the new and honoring the older and staider. Obliteration of ideas is so very difficult, thoughts have a way of traversing time, logic, erasure, hence we still debate heatedly to this moment the improbable possibility of the earth being flat. The library of memory, of propositions good and bad, is not rewritten momentarily in some constant blur of updating. Transformation is slow, often faltering, not a simple matter of seconds and minutes, but often centuries of repetitive reaffirmation.

What feels particularly disturbing is the ease with which people disavow, disown, disprove truths that for multiple generations have formed the basis, the foundation, of everything they believed about themselves and about the world. The reality we believe is the form that of our particular moment in space and time, in the same way prior generations organically assimilated fact. Too easily the now berates and makes fools of the past, the new offspring ridicules the grandfather, great grandfather, not for their lack of knowledge but lack of foresight. Until all is known indefatigably tomorrow will ever present disruptions to today’s rigid doctrines. Accept and show the understanding our ancestors deserve.

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