3rd April 2021

The myriad things in this world I find wholeheartedly disturbing had reduced greatly as age has managed to soften even my evil piratical heart. This fortunate change of events has allowed me to look with some softer consideration at the various antics of the population at large who are all too often inclined to think solely from a personal perspective as opposed to being considerate of the effect their wishes and thoughts have upon society at large, and specifically those precious souls whom are inclined to be easily wounded.

The volume of pain inflicted by uncaring and inauspicious activity is impossible to judge, especially as those prone to injury are exceptionally good at hiding their hurt from near all observers, thinking quite rightly that a display of weakness will only lead to a crescendo of unkindness, humans as predators having the tendency to fall unmercilessly upon the already wounded. This persuasion seems negative, but even Blackbeard could show unexpected mercy, a tenderness that betrays exceptional power.

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