2nd April 2021

The consequences of events or happenstances should never be surprising. There is a decided predictability in everything, a natural order than denotes what will happen, and most often when and how.

Accepting the inevitable is of course a very difficult kettle of fish, hopes, dreams, and vague possibilities are the bread and butter of humanities need for variable potentiality, the need for the outcome of a chain of events to have some kind of escape clause, for fate not to be ordained unequivocally.

Our language is full of very sensible and solid proverbs, maxims, adages, that demonstrate the inevitable results of foolhardiness or simplistic stupidity.  ‘Don’t play with fire’, ‘never put you hard in a lions mouth’, ‘don’t count chickens before they hatch’, all well-meaning and time proven warnings against questioning good form and sensibility.. Yet, do we invariably oblige, get in line, follow suit?  All too often not, being contrary, headstrong, perverse, vexatious beasts, willful to the point of self-harm and mass extinction.  

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