30th March 2021

Changes deliver differences, in opinion and in attitude. Being fairly invariable I find such alterations confusing, disappointing even, perhaps proffering a continual volume increase to the hurdy gurdy of cacophony. Change is oft confused with improvement, a at state that can prove heavenly or hellish whereas base continuance is rigid, unmoving, predictable, and good fulfillment outshines bad surprises eternally.

On the subject of pet annoyances is there anything more irritating than clumsiness, the inability to perform simple everyday tasks without fumbling, dropping, spilling, tripping, unnaturally upsetting the mundane in one basic manner or another.

Was a time I was light upon my toes, a reasonable athlete, dancer, juggler, trusted to perform complicated tasks nimbly and without unnecessary drama. Being reduced to a seeming lumbering cack-hand is not without pain, embarrassment, producing a level of self-annoyance almost beyond bearing. Disappointment is a difficult emotion; self-disappointment is chronic.

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