29th March 2021

Age, injuries, and experience are physically debilitating. Was a time a persons history was writ large upon their body in clear and concise language, to be read, commiserated, understood, allowed for, by all and every observer. In recent times the art of disguising such maledictions have become prevalent in all manner of ways, some self-elected, other seemingly demanded by a society somehow afraid of the ravaging consequences life, either hard or normal, impresses upon fragile flesh and bone. Expectations of perfection are understandable in the new, the fresh, the emergent, but such requirements upon the used, worn, tarnished, are somehow unnatural, false, unfortunate, judgmental.

Pride is a wholly normal expression of an existence well filled, practical, inclusive of substance and effect. Medals earned, rewards bestowed, scars graciously received in the accomplishment of a successful and meaningful journey from birth to expungement should likewise be recognized as showing success and participation in that greatest of games, to paraphrase Kipling.

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