25th March 2021

Compromise is not a naturally occurring human perspective. Consider the juris prudence system of legal settlement, as good a proof as any that consensus is the singularly accepted natural state of right. Any division, disagreement, inability to accept utter utilitarianism has until very recently, by the advent of the percentile jury system, been the only acceptable means of proof.

I am not an easy friend, I favor acquaintances more, less connectivity, less need for honesty, trust. The few true friends I possess share my secrets, my hidden thoughts, and considerations, know the concealed interior as well as the well posed exterior. Trust is the proof of true camaraderie, the ability to take an individual’s word simply because it is spoken, a sacred commitment to no falsehood between siblings. I share little, and what I share is need to know, an insight into a private word carefully constructed to be transparent but cloaked simultaneously.

Friends share compromise,, insights, agreements on a scale far beyond simple right and wrong, bordering perhaps on the holy.

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