24th March 2021

Comes a time in all internalized debates when both opposition and support become so fragmented that the characteristics of division become murky to the point of being quite frankly unrepresentative of either pole. Constant argument, picking over of the same salient points, results in turgidity, mire unidentifiable by either participant or onlookers. Unclear differences make for alliances, an eternally bad idea in socio-political reasoning. Dilution leads to blandness and impracticability, the neutral, the ill-defined, is generally unacceptable, undesirable to both man and beast.

The middle of the road is a dangerous and unwelcoming place to tarry, being susceptible to danger and probable collision from both direction. Human beings are not naturally arbitrary, are single minded, inclined to extreme points of view, prefer clear, concise perspectives over merged concepts. Being impossibly changeable, having alternate taste for meat and grain unpredictably, considerations are often short-lived, prone to fashion and momentary change.

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