22nd March 2021

I have no doubt that a road taken is always correct, whether the resulting arrival is at a prime destination or not. Fortune, experience, living, is a chain of unconnected and often unpalatable stops on a blindfolded wander towards an unknown target. Any pretense of preordination, of controlled direction, is laughable deceptive, falsely self-illusory, an attempt to suggest a modicum of control on some derelict rollercoaster doomed to imminent collapse.

We are inclined to chortle at luck, fortune, fate, serendipity, karma, as blank acceptance would remove any claim of control, and humanity needs a certainty of command, like it needs water and air to survive. Illogically the more power and influence we accumulate over our peers and the environment, the less ascendency we have over our success or failure. The ability to utterly destroy reduces the chances of anyone surviving any Armageddon and being a naturally warlike species our need to accomplish the ability for complete annihilation exceeds all other abilities.

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