21st March 2021

Placing unnecessary limits upon ones ability to interact with other people is not such an unusual occurrence. Focus on singularity, isolationism, is a remarkably common trait in the older and more internalized. Contemplation tends to be a solitary activity. True, certain eastern religious or philosophic practices do utilize mass meditation as part of their ritual, but western practices have ever favored the hermit, ascetic, eremite, recluse, as the normalization of their particular choice for fundamentalist discipline.

Language, interaction, particularly in the twenty-first century has become as an anchor upon the voyager searching for truth. Discussion, conversation, have their parts to play in education and enlightenment, but can in the end be brakes upon the spirit of wonderment required for a true adventurer in the possible, as opposed to simply acceptance of the probable or practical.

Human thought should be open ended, and the individual must accept the non-finite as the answer to eternal questions, time, matter, and happenstance exceed explicit parameters.

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