19th March 2021

Emotion is far less constricting than history, we all feel emotion for our ancestry, but few truly comprehend the relevant factors that together resulted in the complex package we become. Feelings are transient, come hot and chill dependent on situation, history is cold hard fact, a metal tip carving deep in the soft clay of the soul, indelibly molding upbringing and perspective with hard facts as opposed to sometimes arbitrary beliefs.

However we may try, fight, wrestle, we cannot escape the genetic hand me downs of the past, cannot claim to be free from a stain that is unquestionably present in every succeeding generation. The only true escape from prejudice, division, hierarchical mentalities, is an honest admittance to their existence, a constant battle to dispel the thoughts, language, considerations that those hereditary scars carry with their clearly visible appearances.

The stripes on a tiger have a dual purpose, camouflage, but more importantly warning. No matter the beasts good intentions a tiger will invariably do what as a tiger does.

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