18th March 2021

I find the process of writing every day a goodly release of both angst and tension, allowing my inner voice to speak unhindered and at a volume the subject matter requires. Conversations are more difficult, needing debate and concentration to both point and counterpoint, something that simple penmanship avoids.  Pros and cons are amazingly distracting from good logical progression, double takes are never advisory if you wish to reach a conclusion within a limited space or vocalization.

Blogs, articles, short reflections are like speeches, full of feeling and emotion, but short on balance or perspective. They are personal wanderings through a vast depository of possibilities, a path taken purely for self-satisfaction and hopefully a little crosspollination or at minimum educative advisory.

Please forgive my audacity in sharing such perspectives, but even unread or ignored the process allows an individual the capacity to communication to fellows, peers, and betters.

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