16th March 2021

I am constantly surprised quite how reliant I am on modern convenience, upon those small matters that somehow make humdrum life patently more bearable.

Today I had need to interact personally with one of my banks to allow easier access online, a small piece of new tech that makes the keeping of daily accounts extraordinarily simplistic. The earlier failure of that connect was sufficiently irritating to inadvertently cause me to go out wearing odd colored gloves, something I found far more disturbing that amusing. Thankfully, a dear friend came to my rescue and aided me with a car ride part of the way, making the unexpected journey, and miss matched hand ware, far less tedious than otherwise might have been.

Whilst out, and in good company, we took coffee at a local café, another convenience most gratefully accepted and used. Fresh brewed coffee ever tastes better than mine own powdered beverage, and at the price is a good way to delivery sociability to an otherwise very singular existence.

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