14th March 2021

Too many souls wish to be told what to be, who to follow, what rules to obey, when in reality they simply wish to walk to their own rhythm and purpose.  

Taking responsibility for the lost is a waste of good intent, those who do not know their own place and value in life are beyond practical help, hidden below the surface, buried to the nape in mire. Let them emerge, fight their way upwards and out, and in the time, through diligence and service prove worthy of attention and instruction.

Reality is a delicate balance between what might be and what is, favoring one side over the other breaks the equilibrium and results in both ends of the scale failing. Not everything deserves saving, not all matter has purpose. If in doubt study your Greek, consider the ways of the ancients in divining the worthiness of each and every individual and purpose.

Approach with a good and true heart and you will do well but carry falsehood and pride and you will fail before being abandoned.

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