13th March 2021

Much attention is placed around the glass ceiling, the imaginary limitation placed upon the height to which an individual might rise in the social hierarchy. Whilst no doubt such a barrier does exist, I would suggest it seems much more effective from below than it do from above, for once pierced it proves no further great brake or limitation upon the brave soul who thrusts head and shoulders forcefully beyond.

Personally, I find the concept of the Perspex, cellophane, glass, enclosure far more insidious, threatening and probably disabling, for such a construct is self-imposed, willingly carried, as a shield against outside pressure, interference, antagonism, the need to take or show responsibility for any matter beyond self-concern and immediate need.

The translucent surround, sphere, takes many forms, can be recognized as imperviousness, social distancing, elitist, a display of inconsideration, ire, separation, shortsightedness, prejudice, selfishness, all those most negative of attributes that required direct reversal to build any balanced and reasonable civilization.

The phenomenon’s continued existence to this day is in itself a direct critique of the suitability of humanity to close or immediate proximity to one another, suggesting perhaps that what is conceived as normalcy in so called developed scenarios is in fact unquestionably alien to homo sapiens naturally preferred and enjoyed state.

Not being aware of our own confinement is predictable, missing the signs that our activities, thoughts, and aspirations are limited by our own free will understandable. Most awareness arrives with hindsight, a perspective gained through both time and a cognizance of fallibility, both matters prone to multiply in direct correlation to age and the acceptance of eternally escalating failure.

Age do not supply wisdom or twenty-twenty vision, rather it simply creates experience, the ability to see beyond the obvious to the underlying nature of reality, and those acceptances that youth overlooks in the rush to gain inconsequential and illusory sophisms.

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