12th March 2021

Secrets, rumors, whispers, quiet words behind the backs of hands, duplicity, antimony, servant tittle tattle, the stuff of gossip columns and poison pen articles. In a world full of verifiable fact the population is fascinated instead by canard, hearsay, the stuff of drawing room gossip, and bathroom speculation. Far from embracing truth the universe has adopted speculation as its currency of choice, scuttlebutt as a basis for information, the dissemination of bavardage as current affairs.

The Americas is a continent wholly unable to deal with backstairs gossip, small talk here being trumpeted far too loud and given too much credence.  This is not a criticism by any means, a society that has no obvious history of societal class hierarchy is something to be praised, unfortunately that particular positive is completely countered by the vibrant strain of negative elitism still pugnaciously present from a   prejudicial perspective. The Yankee worker class were famously unpaid and unappreciated as individuals, indeed as human beings.

When the East India Company invaded and then took possession of the great Indian continent one of the most difficult things to quash was the system of caste, particularly that of the untouchable, the Dalit, the poor creature at the very bottom of the hierarchy, the unpeople people, those so despised and underappreciated as to be wholly worthless beyond basic slave labor. The most violent portion of the dismantling of the caste system took place in the mid nineteenth century when the British Empire proper took over rule of the continent from ‘Old India’, at the same time as the North Americas were undergoing their civil war, a conflict hoping to dismantle a human trafficking system, for that is what slavery truly is.

The caste system still exists in Indian culture to this day, particularly in those areas controlled voraciously by Hindu practice, being a part of basic religious symmetry. Dalit are still excommunicated from regular society, not allowed to live in many quarters, use certain restaurants, laundries, stores, a prejudicial system still as bigoted and vibrant in 2021 as was in 1860.

That the subcontinents society allows the continuation of such open privilege and prejudice is a constant thorn in the side of their nation reaching any true form of modern democracy, where the fundamental principle must be equal and unquestioning even handedness to all citizens.

Much as the shadow of bigotry and human trafficking still stains the Indian continent and by osmosis equally taints the British home administration and islands, so the same unrepentant paralysis grips the physiques and minds of European Americans.  

The subject of bigotry is addressed decidedly halfheartedly by many raised under Caucasian culture, some even suggesting their hands and hearts do not bear the blood stains of past actions and considerations. There are no innocents in the Colosseum of racism, only victims and oppressors.  

If you are the offspring of oppressor and cannot see, feel, and admit to  the tendrils of bigotry that run to this day in your veins, then you will remain part of the problem and can never claim to be a hope for the solution.

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