11th March 2021

A beautiful day, excellent walk, good conversation and that special sunny glow from the weather gods that proves spring has truly arrived on the doorstep.

Hosts of gold and white daffodils festooning apple tree bases, crocus springing thick in all sorts of nooks and crannies, meandering lines of children crossing the road to wander and cavort of Crescent beach, giggling barefooted urchins wandering the backstreets near to the Christian school, all adding color and substance to a grateful awakening long overdue in the hearts and minds of folks driven low by unfortunate epidemic and accompanying necessary isolation.

Normality it is not, perhaps many a month of unfamiliar ground yet to cover, but the slightest scent of possible freedom is quite sufficient to lift spirit and moisten glad eyes with joyful tears. Every good happenstance brings the new reality nearer. A wiser, more medicant literate island greeting each millimeter as twas a kilometer, focusing forwards to a fresh start for all who are blessed enough to still remain.

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