9th March 2021

For some crimes there is no acceptable defense, for some associations there is no excuse before man or god. Humankind lives by their actions and their relationships and are judged, and hopefully sentenced, upon the validity and truth of those connections.

Good and bad, positive, and negative are arbitrary concepts, tuned to the frequency of era and emotive norm, constantly in flux as are the aspirations and conclusions of the general population. Governments, ruling metrics, are designed to directly reflect that relationship, to respond, mirror, the views, and opinions of the people, without slant or bias, adapting, morphing as required by time and feeling.

The only exceptions are extraordinarily heinous activities and ideas, actions and contemplations so beyond the pale as to be condemned by the simplest mental acumen, no necessity for learned judgement, balanced reasoning, reliant singularly on gut feeling, obvious and unquestionable. The law is an unquestionable ass, the jury the only solution to such belligerent bestiary.

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