5th March 2021

The ability to momentarily adapt to fresh circumstances is an acquisition of considerable use in the rapidly evolving world we now all inhabit. There is no guarantee of tomorrow following any prescribed or projected pattern, each now cycle of twenty-four hours being devoid of delineating form or expectation.

Our recent past has been blighted by the incongruous and unusual, mixed by fate into a recipe that bears little to no reflection of any previous period of collective experience. Politically, socially, medically, we have launched into uncharted oceans, besotted by the chance, likelihood, of major disasters or obstructions looming large from a horizon eternally hid from view and apprehension. Foresight has been blindfolded by bad judgement, unity divided by prejudice, longevity decimated by new and wholly unexpected aliments and conditions.

The universe has ever threatened much turmoil and revenge upon our race, but only recently has delivered the twin sabers of justice and meritocracy so aptly deserved.

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