4th March 2021

No matter the season Orcas is unnaturally green, the shades and variances startling the eye from dawn till dusk. I was exceeding lucky to be born in another green paradise, within the very core of a viridescence whilst of different hues of equal unimaginable vivacity. Being enclosed by such verdurous growth gives an unassailable feeling of permanence, of springing direct from the soil, of infection to the very cellulose pulp of being. Such environmental infusions arise from crosspollination, the acceptance of transplant by host, and seedlings insistence of thriving compactly. It is never sufficient to be infected, one must welcome, thrive in the condition, piggy backed like mistletoe upon an oaken tree.

Such melding is not the lone possession of the country mouse, the town mouse is allowed the same integration, the gorgeous verts being replaced by earthy tans, clay reds, and concrete and stone grays. Revel in your environment, submerge in surroundings, become part of something greater, more longevous than your single span.

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