3rd March 2021

Being singular, private, is a costume extremely comfortable, indeed seductive, to the human character. Being responsible for oneself alone, removed, distanced from surroundings, woes, issues, a delicious delicacy to be savored, cherished.

Whist adopting the persona of the happy herbivore, we are strangely more comfortable solitarily picking at our fancies, as proven quite adequately by the numerous single serving snacks on hand at every convenience. Yes, on occasion we may eat, drink, en famille or group, but who amongst us has not later sneaked away to enjoy an exclusive candy bar surreptitiously.

We are in many respects trained from childhood to be caring sharing creatures, with as much thought and consideration towards others as to ourselves. Without such socialization we remain the beast, quits capable of survivalist choices as is any other primitive unfettered creature.

Civilization is indeed confining, reduces the wildest nature to a well behaved and obedient citizen. Subservient to the needs and desires of a majority to which they owe no necessary allegiance.  

Isolation, even enforced isolation, brings an unusually clear and clean boost of independence, a severing from the overawing mass, an opportunity for choices outside of imagined or considered fields. As quarantine elongates, so the connection with the recent mark of evolution decreases, humankind commences a devolution of sorts, an unburdening of rules and constrictions, a generational unique perspective of freedom, a panorama both expanding and contracting.

Necessarily there is no going back, no way to recapture the gossamer nature of reality once it has slipped through the tiny apertures of the butterfly net. We talk casually of devolution, but evolution is no straight line, it deviates constantly, twists and turns according to momentary demands of environment and circumstance.

Linear time begins and continuous, never retreating or relapsing. Devolution is a consequence of evolution, the future a continuance of the present, and of the past.

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