24th February 2021

Human beings are a habitual race. We like to put parameters on everything we can, pack existence in nicely labeled boxes, bracket experiences together, both in explanation and oft element of foolishness. We are no more inherently careful that inclined to experiment, finding the continuation of tradition or repetitious activity preferable to plausible risk or originality.

Strange that for all out supposed inventiveness most new concepts are truly but simply reappraisals, reconsiderations of already well-established principles. Our minds function remarkably well when seeking shortcuts but are not as useful when totally lost. Perhaps we are simply as much beasts of predisposition as cattle grazing in the field or pigs snuffling in the stye.

The ability to think, to reason, to utilize logic in the face of overwhelming difficulties, does not assure that such advantage is universally adopted. Unfortunately, slothfulness is ever abundant in equal measure to ensure that for every single step taken forward, we retreat, at minimum, two back.

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