23rd February 2021

Tedium should be a young man’s problem, those of us with moss on our roots have little time left for such wasteful luxuries. Unfortunately when the globe rotates quite so slowly, when seconds and minutes become particularly inept swimmers trying to traverse a sea of semi solidified molasse, even the elderly are obliged to fall under the influence of exceeding undesirable boredom.

Patience is a discipline requiring much effort and practice and once successfully acquired should be consistently calming and hypnotically relaxing. Only recently have we all started to realize that too much patience, like an overabundance of standing water, can lead to multiplicitous inadvertent soakings, even untimely drowning. On occasion the only true viable course is to shout out in frustration, to complain bitterly, to reject calm and stoic forbearance, blustering in pithy contrariness, even risking revolt.  

A year on and all my tolerance has transmuted into irascibility and querulous dyspeptics.

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