20th February 2021

Unquestionably in modern society there are individuals whom achieve the status of super media beings, capable of moving, pleasing, disgusting a whole codule of fellow citizens with what they extemporize in even the most casual of conversations and remarks. Yes, they most undoubted bear the brunt of the blame for the corrosive effect of their statements, intimations, and suppositions. However, much as fifty percent of the blame for an erroneous poisoning must fall upon the inveterate grazer so must half the onus for foolish credence rest upon the nonchalant or unwary listener.

Was a time the universally accepted library was divided quite simply between fiction and nonfiction.  Nonfiction is the easier term to define, being quite simply truth, provable and unequivocable. Fiction however is no longer the polar opposite, rather it has morphed into a cadre of vagaries, inclusive of outright invention and pretense, the inadvertent and allegorical, and every other camouflaged confusion, mystification, and stupefying happenstance.

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