19th February 2021

Invariably everyone is loved by someone, whether be by family, friends, acquaintances, or admirers. All individual passing’s, whether a   good soul or a bad, a saint or a sinner, will break someone’s heart. Like and dislike, admiration or detestation are purely personal considerations, there being no accurate means of measuring against any recognized scale. To garner sufficient congruent opinions to warrant universal dislike takes a degree of evil over and above the norm, yet even such an utterly lost soul will still be revered, admired, unconditionally beloved by someone.

Drusilla worshiped Caligula, Ava Brawn loved Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin had a doting daughter who mourned his demise with abject sorrow. There is no righteous death, for such an expiry would leave only positives, would never draw a tear from a sorrowful eye or leave a trace of sadness in a single heart.

In our condemnation we are inclined to forget the wife, mother, sister, daughter, secret lover, forgetting that the touch of death falls upon each and every survivors also.

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