18th February 2021

There are a multitude of people who will stand and fight for monetary gain, an equal number who go to war for belief or personal conviction. Both reasons are acceptable in almost every legitimate case yet similarly bear the unmistakable seal of self-indulgence. There are also a small number who are willing to take on overwhelming odds for purely altruistic considerations, to defend the meek, protect the infirm and helpless, stand for right against wrong, the weak against the powerful. These individuals are the unsung heroes of an age, a Perseus, Robin Hood, William Tell, unnamed and overlooked in annal and history yet the very finest that human form can inhabit.

Society is inclined to honor the medal winners, the heroes who names appear on honor roll or memorial. The quiet and unimposing are quick forgot, their anonymous bravery washed away by the all-consuming tidal wave of the less deserving but more vocal. Without exception the true paragon holds modesty first, and glory significantly second.

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